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Name:lee proudlock
Message:Hello Its Proudy (Lee) wanting to speak to any ahem.. friends i used to go to school with, play footie with or hung out e mail me p.s im a proper goodboy now dont believe the hype! Laterrrzzzz P

Name:Cameron Lowe
Location:Port Alberni Canada
Message:I love checking this site out just to remind myself where I was born 47 years ago. I also see that my uncle Dave signed this. This site brings back memories, especialy the downtown pics. it hasn't changed much from what I remember

Name:Barb Foster
Location:Parksville, BC Canada
Message:I am trying to find one of my relatives who lived in Driffield, His name is Barry Greenlaw. He has retired recently and I would like to reconnect with my cousin. I visited Driffield in 1966 and found it to be a wonderful friendly community and hope someone reading this could help me. Thank you in advance Barr

Name:sara langdale
Message:Well nearly a year on from my last posting we now have a base in Driffield and come up as often as possible. Trying to get my 16 year old daughter interested in the Yorkshire life - does anyone have any tips as to what sort of nightlife I can suggest to her? I haven''t found anything obvious in Driffield but I'm sure there must be some trendy pubs/clubs somewhere?

Name:James Tidd
Message:Hi am James from Norwich,, I have a connection with driffield and also pocklington, my great grandmother Mary Jane House was daughter of the station master in Driffield. In the 1871 and 1881 census he that is I think Thomas House, I am not sure off the top of my head was at Pocklington station just to the East of York and in the 1891 and 1901 census he is shown as being the station master when it was Great Driffield. I intend to visit Driffield sometime even if it is to only visit the station where I am hoping u might have info on the man. Many thanks

Name:David Lowe
Message:HI all in Driffield, I dont get back to the old place mutch these days, (age caught up with me ) Still working Got married again after 30 years in 2006 spent a wonderful 3 weeks in Singapore,, now looking to retire to my Daughters Villa in Egypt (Alexandria) Brother Norman still in Canada What a small world

Name:john 'George' Slater
Message:I am trying to contact Richard (wally)Walton who served with me on HMS/sm Swiftsure 1982-85. If you are still around please contact me.

Name:Steve Straker
Location:Roseville, Ca USA
Message:Margaret, Thanks for your post regarding our dads, I appreciate it. What was your dad's first name? I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers him. You said you have a photo of them...from which year? Any chance you could scan a copy and email it to me?

Name:Margaret Cullen
Location:East Riding of Yorkshire
Message:I remember your Dad he was about 5'10'' Dark hair and brown eyes and used to work for the electricity board before he emigrated to I thought Canada. He was a good friend of my Dad they were in the TA's to gether in Charlie Troup and I have a photo of them. My Dad told me that Dennis had died and sadly my Dad died in 1994

Name:bill stephens
Message: The quietness and beauty of the Wolds is magic in retirement. I wish I could find a property in east yorkshire. I've had enough of the buzz of city living. The churchyard in Fridaythorpe is well kept, and the view is wonderful! I like cutting grass. What else can I say, other than Im still looking. Sincerely. Bill.

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