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1 .  The Driffield Navigation
The Driffield Navigation its history, restoration and present day use. Take a Virtual cruise or view the picture galleries and lots more.
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2 .  Rudston Village Newsletter
Rudston Village Newsletter/News and information on the archaeology and history of the area. Designed by Colin Campbell
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3 .  Hands on History
Housed in the old Grammar School, South Church Side, "Hands on History" is a curriculum resource centre for schools hull east riding
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4 .  East Yorkshire Bibliography
This bibliography provides an index to material relevant to the East Riding of Yorkshire and includes books, pamphlets, periodical articles and major manuscripts. The bibliography, which was originally funded by a Manpower Services Commission grant in 1988, is still being updated. Topics covered include history, archaeology, literature and geography.
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5 .  Yorkshire Pride
Yorkshire's on-line magazine
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6 .  Driffield - Memories of a Bygone Era
This is a site dedicated to those people who have moved away from Driffield - and especially those folk who still miss the town.
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7 .  Carlin Peas
The History and Tradition behind Carlin Sunday in Driffield, including recipes showing how to cook and eat Carlin Peas
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8 .  Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group
A group set up in 1972 to research and record the vernacular architecture of Yorkshire. The group organises conferences, dayschools and walkabouts, and publishes newsheets and an annual journal.
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9 .  East Yorkshire's Local History Website
A site which covers aspects of history/ nostalgia in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Regularly updated with new material. Recent topics include: The Beverley Riot of 1861, the Story of the Driffield Show, the Hull and Barnsley Railway, When Ealing Studios Came to East Yorkshire
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10 .
local history articles about Yorkshire
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