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1 .  The East Riding of Yorkshire Council
With its spectacular coastline, historic market towns and the rolling scenery of the Wolds, the East Riding of Yorkshire is a popular choice for visitors and tourists alike. For industry and commerce, we offer a highly competitive area, strategically placed for trade - in short, the ideal location for business. Discover more about the region, let us give you a profile of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and tell you about who we are, what we do and where to find us.
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2 .  North Yorkshire County Council
North Yorkshire is Englands largest county with an area of more than 800,000 hectares to explore. The county is fascinating, and no matter what your interest or time to spare, offers a huge range of activities and attractions.
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3 .  Kingston Upon Hull City Council
Kingston upon Hull City Council exists to provide services to its customers - the people, homes and businesses of Kingston upon Hull.
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4 .  The City of York Council
The City of York Council provides services to 175,000 people including education, social services, leisure, highways, planning, cleansing and many more. It covers an area of 105 square miles (27,250 hectares) and has a budget of 130 million a year.
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5 .  Bridlington Town Council
Serving the parish of Bridlington, East yorkshire
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6 .  Goodmanham Parish Council
Parish Council Website including items of local interest.
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